CAMCC Small Works

K Space Contemporary Gift Shop Gallery


  • WORKS MUST BE TURNED INTO K SPACE BY WED. APRIL 4TH!  Receiving Works Friday – Saturday March 30-31 & Wed. April 4, 11am to 5 pm:
  • April 6: Opening reception with ArtWalk
  • April 27: Last Day of exhibition
  • April 28, 11 am to 5 pm:  Pick up artwork
  • CAMCC Artists are eligible to exhibit in this small works show in K Space Contemporary’s Gift Shop Gallery.  This is a promotional exhibition to highlight Contemporary Art Month-CC and CAMCC exhibitions and events.


  1. Open to current members of K Space Contemporary and participating CAMCC artists who have registered an exhibition for Contemporary Art Month at an area business or public space.
  2. Each artist may submit one 5” x 7“ work of art.
  3. Media: All visual art media are acceptable. Three-dimensional works will be displayed on a wall shelf.
  4. Size: Works must not exceed 5” x 7” including frame. Frames are not required – we will install with clips or removable gel tabs.
  5. Pricing: K Space retains 30% commission on works sold. Include commission when pricing your work. Works must retail for $250 or less.
  6. Label your work!!! Attach a label to each work of art including name, contact email or phone, title, media, and retail price. Register each piece on the List of Works at the front desk.
  7. Delivery/Shipping: Artists are responsible for delivering their artwork to and from the gallery, including any shipping costs incurred.
  8. Late Pick-up:Works that are not picked up by the last date noted in the calendar, are charged a $3 per day storage fee. Works left at K Space Contemporary 60 days after the last day of the exhibition are considered ABANDONED. Abandoned works will be sold, given away or disposed of with no compensation to the artist.