BUSINESSES – Exhibition Hosts:

Things to Discuss with an Artist when planning an exhibition:
1. Review & approve artwork (via artist’s website/Facebook album/etc) before agreeing to show it in your business. Show one artist or a group of artists.
2. Determine how sales of artwork will be handled. Will you refer buyer to the artist or take a check and give to artist? Or would you rather handle it like a regular sale and pay artist afterwards?
3. Artists are expected to install their own work.
4. How will you allow the artist to install his/her artwork? Will you allow the artists to use picture hangers, nails, screws, or non-damaging sticky Command strips on the wall? Or must they display their work on easels?  Will sculpture be displayed on pedestals or on existing shelving or furniture?
5. Schedule a time for artist to install artwork when business traffic is light.
6. Either the business or the artist must register the show on the CAMCC website. Decide which of you will complete the online registration form.
7. Schedule an ending date and time for the artist to remove the work and repair holes in the wall.
Need a Partner? If you wish to participate, but do not have an artist partner, simply check the appropriate box in the registration form. Leave the Artist’s info portion of the form blank. We will help locate an artist partner.

Deadline to register is March 12th.

Business Donation: For a $50 donation, you will become a Business Level Member of K Space Contemporary and enjoy promotion to a new audience. This offer is 50% off the Business Membership rate and helps to defray costs of CAMCC promotion.


Benefits of being a CAMCC participant:

  • Advertising & Cross-Promotion:
    • Exposure and sales opportunities for artists
    • Draw new clientele into your business
    • Promotion on Each event will be listed with photo of artwork
    • Social Media Promotion on CAMCC and K Space Contemporary Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram
  • Signage: Show that you support Fine Art. We print two 11″ x 17″ signs for each venue with CAMCC info, exhibition title and artists/group name
  • Brochures listing CAMCC exhibitions and business locations are provided for every CAMCC show
  • Map each event is included in the CAMCC map
  • Artist networking opportunities attend events and meet other artists and art lovers
  • Show your artwork in the CAMCC group show, Start Here at the Art Center of Corpus Christi ($8 hanging fee)
  • Satisfaction of being a part of Corpus Christi’s thriving art scene
  • Be a part of achieving K Space Contemporary’s mission to present and promote contemporary art